Key West, Florida

When it comes to camping, everyone gets a bad taste in their mouth, whether it be the bugs, lack of shower facilities or even just the darkness and quietness it brings. For me, I’ve experienced nights when it’s hot, cold, and everything in between. By doing so, it’s taught me a lot about nature and the beautiful things we’re missing out on being at home in your own bed. My favorite experience camping was taking our Jeep and rooftop tent to Key West, Florida. It was everything I dreamed of, and more. I personally enjoy being in the warmer weather because I feel more productive and present in the moment. Being able to see your own car come all the way from New Jersey was a blessing in itself. I love the atmosphere and vibes everyone gives off when you’re driving through the campsite, or even walking to take a shower or just exploring. I will always hold camping and it’s experiences close to my heart because it’s nothing that you can make up or pretend. I hope to have more stories to share as my journey continues. 

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