Places to Camp (Free and/or Cheap)

While on the road, I’ve always wondered where I can take my WoodsBuilt tent and just doze off for a few hours. Over the years I’ve been able to converse with many wonderful people about camping and the outdoors and also learned a few trips along the way. Here are my findings…

  1. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land– This is probably the most useful piece of knowledge you will learn today. This land is all public land and free to camp without reservation in most areas. It is all managed by the BLM obviously and there is a considerable amount of information on their site regarding where this land is and how it can be used. Most of these areas are in the Western US.
  2. HipCamp– HipCamp is an app for your smartphone. It is basically an AirBNB for campsites. People set up sites on their farm or private land for rent. Typically, these sites are inexpensive and secluded.
  3. Cracker Barrel– This breakfast chain allows overnight parking in their rear lot. Cracker Barrel employs upwards of 600 stores nation-wide. They are especially abundant on I-95 down the East Coast. This option is great if you’re just trying to get a few hours of sleep during your road trip. Be sure to show your support by getting a hot breakfast in the morning!

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